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Business Areas


Our main objective is to satisfy the requirements of the automotive industry and design customized solutions to improve the driving experience and the comfort of the car


In a sector with a high level of demand, our non-fabrics for the medical branch offer high protection against contaminating agents thanks to their resistance to sterilization


Our nonwovens are widely used in the filtration sector, where specific mechanical properties such as resistance to high temperatures are required


The main application of our non-woven fabrics for agriculture is the production of plantings pots


We are experts in the manufacture of acoustic veil. For more than twenty years we have been supplying products for application to partitioning panels and false steel ceilings


Our nonwovens are excellent for use in cosmetic products due to their softness and breathability, as well as their touch in contact with the skin


Our main objective at Murtra Nonwovens is to manufacture the non-woven that our clients need. We work joining forces and synergies to bring all kinds of projects to life


At Murtra Nonwovens we manufacture materials for the supporting of wood and melamine. Our supports are non-woven fabrics with high performance adhesive

Business Areas


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Also called Hydro-entangled or tangled thread technique. Use fine jets of high-pressure water to weave the fibers together, creating soft, comfortable fabrics that are highly tensile.
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Laminated Nonwovens

Technology based on the adhesion of a film to the non-woven. We get a resistant and multifunctional nonwoven.
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Chemical Bonded

In this production process, a liquid binder is applied to the fibers in a directed way, to join them and create a fabric that offers high resistance to temperature and elasticity, as well as multiple finishes.


At Murtra Nonwovens (MNW) we manufacture non-woven fabrics and distribute them for use in multiple sectors: automotive, medical, liquid filtration, construction and agriculture, among others.

Our range of non-woven fabrics is wide and constantly evolving. That is why Murtra Nonwovens, with its two production sites in Piera (Barcelona – Spain) and Ystad (Skåne län – Sweden) is one of the leading companies in its sector.

Furthermore, at Murtra Nonwovens we have our own R&D department where new varieties of nonwovens are designed, tested and developed. The function of this department is clear: to create exactly the material that our customer needs.

Murtra Nonwovens is part of Murtra Group, a worldwide benchmark in the textile sector that operates in 4 divisions: Industrial, Decoration, Non-Woven and Lab.

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Product range in constant evolution and improvement. Own R&D department to develop special products.

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TEAM Murtra Nonwovens

An expert team in his sector and with a clear idea: offer the customer the best solution on the market for his project. And if it does not exist, we create it.

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All our processes are designed in the most ecological way possible and trying to leave the least trace on the planet.

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At Murtra Nonwovens we try that our work always tends to excellence. We comply with IATF16949: 2016 and ISO 9001: 2015, PEFC and FSC® certifications.

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