Legal and Privacy

1.- General Information.

These General Conditions govern the use of the Murtra Nonwovens web site, which is accessed by the main address

Pursuant to the provisions of Act 34/2002, of 11 July, on Society Information and E-Trade Services, notification is given that this web site has been created, and is maintained and is the property of the trading company “Telas y Fabricados No Tejidos, S.A.”, which has its registered offices in Carretera de Piera a Sant Sadurní, Km. 5 (08784-Piera, Spain), assigned Fiscal Identity No.: A-58322330, and recorded in the Trade Register of Barcelona, on Tome 8395, BOOK 7646, 2ª SECTION, SHEET 040, PAGE 98138 , 1ST ENTRY.

Users will be able to establish direct and effective communication with the trading company that owns this site, through personally visiting its premises or addressing mail to its registered offices, to the address indicated above, and also by e-mail to

2.- Acceptance of the Conditions of Use.

Access to this web site or its use in any way implies acceptance of each and every one of these general conditions of use which Murtra Nonwovens, at any time, can establish on a unilateral basis.

Consequently, every visitor or user will be responsible for carefully reading the current general conditions of use each time he/she accesses this web site.

The use of certain services will also imply acceptance, without any reservation, of the specific rules or instructions that Murtra Nonwovens may establish at any time to specify, replace or complement these general conditions of use.

3.- Conditions of Access.

Generally, access to the information and services provided by Murtra Nonwovens will be free of charge, and the users will not be required to provide personal details, or use user codes or passwords, or subscribe previously, with the exception of accessing certain contents or services.

When accessing certain contents or using a particular service it is necessary to provide personal details, users are to guarantee that they are true, accurate, authentic and in force.

Murtra Nonwovens will process these data automatically corresponding to the nature or purpose thereof, according to the terms and conditions indicated in the section concerning the personal details protection policy.

Also, in these cases, if it is necessary to use access codes (user name and password), users must take into account the following:

• The password chosen by the user cannot be immoral or go against what is generally considered to be civil behaviour, neither can it infringe the integrity rights and actual image of third parties, and neither can it, in any way, infringe the industrial or intellectual property rights of third parties.

• The access codes are exclusively for the personal use of the user who has been assigned said codes, and said user is also exclusively responsible for safeguarding said code, ensuring it remains confidential and that it is used correctly.

• Murtra Nonwovens will not be held responsible for any damages that the user or third parties may have caused because other people use their password, with or without the user’s knowledge or permission. Thanks for sharing this valuable information! recover onedrive files without license

• Murtra Nonwovens undertakes to fulfil the obligation of maintaining the confidentiality of the password used by the user.

4.- Conditions of Use.

Use of the Murtra Nonwovens’s web site must adhere to the contents of these General Conditions, any applicable legal provision and any moral grounds or generally accepted civil behaviour, or public orders.

Unless Murtra Nonwovens expressly gives its prior authorisation, users will only be allowed to use the contents and services for personal use and, therefore, said users will refrain from any action which, directly or indirectly, implies commercially exploiting said contents and services.

At any event, the users will use the contents and services provided by Murtra Nonwovens according to current legal terms, and they will assume responsibility arising from behaviour or activities which, in any format, may be considered unlawful or harmful vis-à-vis the rights of third parties or which may jeopardise, prevent or limit the use of this web site for other users.

The users will respond to any damages that may be caused to Murtra Nonwovens, directly or indirectly, as a result of failing to observe the current ruling or any of the obligations derived from the general conditions of use regarding this web site.

Murtra Nonwovens reserves the right to refuse access to this web site, unilaterally and at any time, to those users who fail to observe these General Conditions of Use, without the need to provide any prior notification or proof.

5.- Industrial Property.

The name Murtra Nonwovens, as well as other distinctive signs (graphical images or names) that appear on this web site are the property of the trading company “Telas y Fabricados No Tejidos, S.A.”, who has the exclusive right to use them for economic purposes.

Consequently, any third parties who do not have the relevant authorisation are forbidden from using them.

If any distinctive signs belonging to an entity other than that indicated in the preceding paragraph, appear on this web site, it is not for any commercial gain and has been authorised by the legitimate owners, fully respecting their rights.

6.- Domain Names.

As explained in the preceding paragraph, the domain name and all those that are used to access this site directly are the exclusive property of the trading company “Telas y Fabricados No Tejidos, S.A.”, or the use thereof has been granted by the legitimate owner.

Any improper use of these names for economic purposes would imply infringing the rights granted to the owner through registration, and said improper use would be prosecuted according to law.

7.- Copyright and Reservations of Shares.

The contents, texts, photographs, designs, logos, pictures, sounds, videos, animated items, recordings, computer software, source codes and, generally, any intellectual creation on this site, and also the actual site as a whole, as an artistic multimedia creation, are protected under copyright by intellectual property law.

This protection does not include those files or computer programs that do not belong to Murtra Nonwovens and which are free to access (freeware), which the user can download from several pages on this site to facilitate access thereto.

At any event, these applications are considered public domain following the express desire of the respective authors thereof.

Using the Murtra Nonwovens’s contents or services does not imply or suppose granting a licence or authorisation to exploit, in any way, said firm’s intellectual or industrial property rights or any other right.

Those using this web site must respect the announced rights and avoid any action that may jeopardise them, and at any event Murtra Nonwovens reserves the right to exercise as many legal measures or lawsuits corresponding to it in order to defend its legitimate intellectual and industrial property rights.

8.- Links.

Users can find various links on this web site that lead to pages that are independent of Murtra Nonwovens.

Their sole purpose is to show some elements on the Internet, of work carried out.

These are non-profit links.

Murtra Nonwovens is not responsible for the contents that may be accessed through said links, the modifications that may be made to them, the use that may be made of them, or their technical availability.

Nevertheless, Murtra Nonwovens undertakes to do whatever is possible to avoid the presence on its web site of any links that have an illegal content, which promote unlawful, racist or xenophobic activities, or which, generally, go against the principles of liberty and human dignity or violate the values and rights acknowledged by the Spanish Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

If Murtra Nonwovens has effective knowledge that the information provided by a link is unlawful, it undertakes to act accordingly to remove or disable said link.

In the event that the owner of a particular web site considers that a link established from Murtra Nonwovens damages in any way their rights or causes said owner the minimum amount of damage, said owner is requested to notify Murtra Nonwovens by just sending an e-mail to, or via any other means, and Murtra Nonwovens guarantees that the link will be cancelled immediately, or modified to the satisfaction of the interested party, without the need for other further processing or explanation by said owner.

9.- Exemption of Responsibility.

Users must be aware that, at any event, they use the contents and services of this web site at their own risk and under their own, exclusive responsibility, and that Murtra Nonwovens DOES NOT guarantee:

• That the contents or services will be operational or available. However, when reasonably feasible or envisageable, Murtra Nonwovens will warn users of any possible interruptions to the operation of its web site.

• Privacy and security of using its services, and that unauthorised third parties can obtain information on the access or use that users make of the Murtra Nonwovens web site contents and services, and, consequently, Murtra Nonwovens is exempted from all responsibility in this respect.

• The absence of any virus or any other harmful elements that are introduced or supplied by those supplying the contents or services, or by other users or third parties who may cause any kind of alterations or problems in the computer systems (software and hardware) of the users or in the electronic documents and files stored on the computer systems of said users.

At any event, Murtra Nonwovens is grateful, in advance, for any suggestions, corrections or comments that help to prevent or rectify any type of incident or irregularity as quickly and efficiently as possible. These suggestions can be sent by e-mail to

10.- Modification and Termination of Services.

Although, in principle, the duration of this site is indefinite, Murtra Nonwovens reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate offering its services or contents, on the whole or partially, at any time, and without the need to notify users beforehand.

Also, at any time, Murtra Nonwovens can modify the conditions of use regarding this web site.

11.- Data Protection and Privacy.

“Telas y Fabricados No Tejidos, S.A.”, as Websiteresponsible, in compliance with current legislation on personal data protectionlegislation, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of April 27th, 2016 (RGPD), Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13th (LOPD) and Royal Decree 1720/2007 for LOPD development, and by Law 34/2002, of July 11th, on Services Society of Information and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE), informs you that it has implemented the necessary security measures, of technical and organizational nature, to guarantee and protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the given data.

a) Purpose of the Treatment.
Collection and storage of your personal data have as purpose: respond to the users information requests, commercial or contractual relationsmanagement, as well as sending our products, services and eventsinformation.

According to the LSSICE, “Telas y Fabricados No Tejidos, S.A.” does not perform SPAM practices, therefore, does not send commercial e-mails that have not previously been requested or authorized by the User.

Consequently, in all the communications that you will receive from the provider, the user has the possibility of cancelling his express consent to receive our communications.

We will not use your personal data for any other purpose than those described except by legal obligation or judicial requirement.

b) Preservation of your Data.
Your data is maintained while maintaining business relationship with us or you exercise the right to cancel or limit your information treatment.

However, we will keep personal data and web traffic records for a maximum period of 2 years in case it is required by the Judges and Courts or to initiate internal actions derived from the improper use of the website.

You will not be subject to decisions based on automatic treatments that produce effects on your data.

c) Legitimation of the Treatment.
The legal basis for data treatment is your consent granted to carry out the purposes described above, which will be requested by marking the corresponding box when collecting your data.

Failure to provide the requested personal data or failure to accept this data protection policy means that it is impossible to subscribe, register or receive information about the Provider’s products and services.

In cases where there is a prior contractual relationship between the parties, the legitimacy for the administrativedevelopment, tax, accounting and necessary labour obligations under current legislation shall be the prior existence of the commercial relationship established between the parties.

d) Official Communications Media.
The user is informed that the means enabled by the company for customers’communications and others parties affected are: the corporate telephone, company mobile phones, postal letter, fax and corporate email.

If you send personal information through means of communication other than those indicated in this section, the COMPANY will be exempt from responsibility in relation to security measures available in the used mean of communication.

e) Recipients of Cessions or Transfers.
“Telas y Fabricados No Tejidos, S.A.” does not make any personal data transfer or communication unless there is a reasonable need to comply with a legal procedure, a legal obligation or has priory obtained user’s consent.

Neither personal data international transfers will be made without your prior consent, without prejudice to blocking or cancelling your account if there may be indications of crimecommissionby the user. The information provided will only be the one that the provider has at this moment.

“Telas y Fabricados No Tejidos, S.A.” will not transfer the collected data to third parties unless there is a reasonable need to comply with a legal procedure, a legal obligation or has previouslyobtained the user’s consent.

The information you provide us, both through this website and through the application, will be hosted on the “Telas y Fabricados No Tejidos, S.A.” servers’s.

f) Rights of Interested Persons.
As user-interested, you can request the exercise of the following rights to “Telas y Fabricados No Tejidos, S.A.” by sending a letter to:

Telas y Fabricados No Tejidos, S.A.
Ctra. de Piera a Sant Sadurní, Km. 5
08784 – Piera (Barcelona)

or by sending an email to, indicating as Subject: “LOPD, EXERCISE RIGHTS”, and attaching a photocopy of your ID card or any analogous documentif it isaccepted by law.


• Access right: allows the interested party to know and obtain information about their personal data submitted to treatment.

• Right of rectification or deletion: allows to correct errors and modify the data that are inaccurate or incomplete.

• Cancel right: allows to delete data that turns out to be inappropriate or excessive.

• Opposition right: right of the interested party to avoid or stop his personal data treatment.

• Limitation of the treatment: it implies the marking ofstored personal data conserved, with the purpose of limiting its future treatment.

• Portability of the data: give the interested partyhis data object of treatment without impediments, so that he can transmit them to another responsible.

• Right not to be the targeted on individual automated decisions (including profile preparation): the right not to be the target of anautomated treatmentbaseddecision, that can produce effects or may affect significantly.

As a user, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. The consent withdrawal will not affect thetreatmentlawfulness carried out before the consentwithdrawal.

You also have the right to submit a claim to the supervisory authority if you believe that your rights may have been violated in relation to data protection at

12.- Legislation and Applicable Jurisdiction.

These General Conditions of Use are governed by Spanish law.

Any discrepancy relating to the Murtra Nonwovens’s web site will be processed under Spanish jurisdiction, and the parties will submit themselves to the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona, and its superior hierarchies, expressly renouncing any other competence that may be applicable and different to that indicated.

The simplest and most efficient way to request any further clarification, or to raise any type of complaint, suggestion or comment, is to send an e-mail to

13.- Changes in this Privacy Policy.

“Telas y Fabricados No Tejidos, S.A.” reserves the right to modify this policy to adapt it to legislative or jurisprudential changes.