Spunlace (Hydro-entangled)

The hydro-entangled (spunlace) technique is applied to carding veils and uses fine, high-pressure jets of water to cause the elemental fibers to tangle and interlock. Known for their high quality, cleanliness and good mechanical performance, our Spunlace products are used primarily for the automotive industry. However, the material is excellent for other applications as it provides a wide variety of technical properties as well as aesthetically pleasing effects including softness, durability, and a great similarity to textiles. These basic nonwovens can be treated with resins to give added value to the product and when necessary we apply thermo-adhesive powder.

  • Width: up to 3,200 mm.
  • Fibres: viscose, polyester and bicomponent staple fibres. As well as mixtures between them.
  • Fibre orientation: parallel and cross.
  • Colours: black, white and grey.
  • Technology: water jet technique.
  • Weight: from 30 gr / m² to 100 gr / m².
  • Thermoadhesive: PE, phenolic, mixtures, etc.
  • Finishings: thermoadhesive, oil-water-diesel repellency, fireproof (vertical and horizontal), rigid, self-sealing, etc.
  • Properties: high tensile strength and good elongation longitudinally as well as transversely.

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Our own battle against Covid-19

The world has never experienced such a devastating situation for human lives being so prepared in terms of knowledge, technology, advances in the medical sector, union of countries and resources management. At a time when the world is forced to reconsider its priorities, its habits, its methods and its usual comfort, each of us has to value his input and contribution to fight against the Covid-19.

From Murtra Nonwovens, as a committed company in all areas and especially human, social and organizational, we have adapted our production lines to be able to supply the hospital sector with the necessary PPE (non-woven fabrics for masks, gowns, etc.) and to be able to face this big tragedy. Our little grain of sand in this big battle against Covid-19.

Quality Standards

Complying with the quality standards imposed by IATF 16949: 2016 and following the increasingly demanding requests of our customers in the automotive sector, we have designed efficient production solutions to be a trusted partner in a sector where speed in response, competitiveness and technology are key points within the differentiation strategy.

Our Non-Woven is present in many models that have trusted Murtra Nonwovens. BMW, Audi, Skoda, Volkswagen, Toyota, Kia, Honda, FCA, GM or Ford, among many others.


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